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In a perfect world my husband would never give in to his weekly cravings for cookies, soda and pizza, but he’s human. As for me my only weakness 😉 is Jets Pizza.

Jets Pizza is a good reason why we were only able to call this blog “Halfway Holistic.”  Without it, we might be able to upgrade to “three-quarters holistic”.

I particularly enjoy a veggie pizza with turbo crust and a glass of wine.  A turbo crust is butter, garlic and crust. Preferably in that order.

A few years ago I would always have terrible stomach pain after enjoying a good slice (or three) of pizza due to my digestive issues. (Yes, it was still worth it. Every. Time.)

Now I can enjoy my guilty pleasure without the pain thanks to regular probiotics, a good digestive enzyme capsule, and just in case, a drop of Digestive Blend essential oil rubbed on my tummy. No pain = more pizza!


Most of my diet is grown, not created or made. I’m a semi-vegetarian that eats some meat on occasion as long as it didn’t have 4 legs. My point is I’m a selective eater and do my best to avoid toxins and fuel my body and mind well. But yes, even I decide to embrace the moment on occasion by indulging in a thick veggie pizza embraced by a crust smothered in delectable butter and garlic.

This website is not about perfect. It’s about progress. I’m not telling you to eat unhealthy or give into every craving, but please, don’t deny yourself an occasional indulgence. Rather CHOOSE to indulge and embrace it.

Soak in the moment.

Savor every last bite.

Own that you love that processed, greasy goodness and be okay with it, knowing that your moment of indulgence didn’t negate the steps you are taking every day to create a healthier home for your family.  

I’m a mom. Not a superhero. And I need Jets Pizza. What’s your story?

Shana Bresnahan
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