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You know how the typical antibacterial hand soap that you buy at the store is likely doing more harm than good? The chemical found in most of those cleansers, TRICLOSAN, is linked to all sorts of health issues. Check out this video that explains triclosan and how the FDA regulates (or doesn’t) chemicals like this one.

When we can, we like to make our own hand soap so we know it’s safe for our family, especially since it’s something we use multiple times per day. It also helps save money. Plus, when you use essential oils you can customize your scent. It’s actually pretty easy and you can use all the ingredients for other DIY cleaning recipes as well.


DIY Foaming Hand Soap

  • 2 tablespoons liquid castille soap – I got mine on Amazon, but many grocers carry it.
  • 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil – You can buy some on Amazon.
  • 10 Drops of 100% pure therapeutic essential oil
  • Fill the rest with distilled or boiled water.

Here are the different combinations I made this time.

Protective Soap: I used just Protective Blend for our kitchen soap because of its cleansing properties. We want to make sure we can fight those germs. It smells like Christmas too, which is nice.

Uplifting Citrus Soap: I wanted to do an uplifting citrus blend that is also naturally cleansing for the guest bathroom. You could easily use Invigorating Blend which is one of my favorite blends. However, I wanted to mix it up and use the tangerine essential oil I just received. So I did two drops each of tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit and bergamot.

Calming Soap: We wanted a relaxing blend for our bathroom. Casey really loves Grounding Blend and bergamot to help with his stress. Lavender is also very calming. I did 4 drops each of lavender and Grounding Blend and then 2 drops of bergamot.

Safe Hand Soap to Purchase

If the idea of making hand soap is a little overwhelming for you, no worries! I’ve been there too. Beautycounter has a toxin-free Citrus Mimosa Hand Soap and Hand Cream companion that I just love!

Have you ever made homemade hand soap?

Shana Bresnahan
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