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Yesterday we celebrated Silas’ 1st birthday! We had veggies, hummus, Nana’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and lots of fresh watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. We had plenty of leftover fruit even after giving some away.

Shana and I love having the leftover fresh fruit at home for snacking and making smoothies, but it goes bad so fast. Prior attempts at freezing fruit have left us frustrated, banging the block of fruit against the countertop and contemplating the use of a hammer and chisel. Thank goodness we found a better way!flash-freezing-fruit-easy-way

So today we are flash freezing the leftover fruit.* What is flash freezing? It’s freezing fruit (or veggies) individually so when it’s placed in a freezer bag, the fruit doesn’t freeze as one big ball.

The big box of peaches we purchased last week from the local farmers market was starting to go bad so we prepared to flash freeze them too.


Here is how we did it:

Put wax paper on a few baking sheets
Wash peaches
Slice peaches
Place peaches individually on the baking sheet (It needs to fit in your freezer.)
Put into freezer for 1-2 hours until frozen

After a couple hours the fruit is frozen individually and ready to be placed in freezer-safe bags. The frozen fruit is great for snacking, smoothies, flavored ice cubes and a great alternative when you have a sugar craving. Just grab a hand full of berries for your oatmeal or yogurt or throw some in a cup on your way out the door.


Flash freezing allows you to buy the fruit in bulk at discounted prices when it’s in season and prolong its usefulness. If you really want to get crazy, go pick the fruit yourself at a local farm. It’s actually quite fun to do with family and is usually much cheaper, plus you’re supporting local farms!

Having frozen fruit on hand, whether you buy it that way or flash freeze it, is a great way to include more fruit in your diet without worrying about using it all before it goes bad. So even if flash freezing seems like too much work for you, grab a bag of frozen (preferably organic) fruit during your next shopping trip.

Have more ideas on how you use frozen fruit? Post them in the comments.

*If you want to get technical, some fruits, like berries, flash freeze better than others due to their ability to maintain their texture and flavor. We choose simple over perfect, but if you want to do it the “right” way for each variety of fruit, I’m sure Good Housekeeping or Martha Stewart can help 😉

Casey Bresnahan
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