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Salt is something most people use every day so it’s important that you know the quality of the salt you are using on your food. It’s probably not surprising that you’re going to want to make a change to your grocery list just like you did after reading our article about butter.

Table salt and unrefined salt are not created equal.

Table salt is 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% “garbage” according to Dr. Mercola.  Table salt is dried at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit which negatively changes the structure of the salt and makes it more difficult to digest.

Himalayan salt has 85% sodium chloride and the other 15% is made up of 84 different trace elements and minerals that your body needs.  There is one downside to Himalayan salt.  Once you try it you won’t want anything else.  It is THAT good!


Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • Regulate the water content throughout your body
  • Promote healthy pH balance in your cells (particularly your brain cells)
  • Promote blood sugar health and can help reduce the signs of aging
  • Absorb food particles through your intestinal tract
  • Support respiratory health
  • Promote sinus health
  • Prevent of muscle cramps
  • Promote bone strength

You can find Himalayan salt at Costco, Whole Foods or even on Amazon. You’ll want to make sure you have a grinder if you don’t buy it in one already.

You can also use Himalayan salt in your homemade bath salts with essential oils.

 Benefits Source:
Casey Bresnahan
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