Are you ready to start thriving?

You know how everyone always says it would be wonderful to get paid to do what you love? What if I told you it’s not only possible, but YOU can be that person.

YOU can wake up every morning and get paid to share your passion instead of going to work.

YOU can get paid to change lives.

YOU can get out of debt.

YOU can have the time and money to travel.

YOU can be there for those treasured moments.

YOU can be the one that makes the choice to change your life TODAY.

Do you dream of financial freedom? Are you stuck in a job you can’t stand?

Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck and want a way out of the rat race. Maybe you have a great career and are making great money, but you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. Maybe you want to be able to spend more time living and less time working. Maybe you believed at one point in your life that you really can earn a living doing what you love, but you no longer believe that’s possible for you.

I’m telling you it’s possible.

You Are Not Alone

I’ve been there. I know how scary and defeating it feels to not have gas money for your car. I know the frustration of a long drive home from work after the sun has set, wondering if your hours spent at work really meant anything. I know how it feels to miss out on life while you plug away at a meaningless job day in and day out. I know how it feels to work your way up the ladder, make the paycheck you’ve always wanted, just to realize you’re not living the life you dreamed of.

And I know how it feels to CHOOSE to dream.

To CHOOSE to face the fear.

To CHOOSE to become your own boss.

To CHOOSE freedom.

I made that choice 3 years ago and YOU can make that choice TODAY.

It won’t be easy. It won’t happen overnight. But it WILL be worth it!

You can do it. You can achieve your dreams. You can live financially free. You can invest your time doing what you love with the people you love. You can live a life of purpose. You can be your own boss. You can inspire and lead others.

Everyone leaves a legacy. What will yours be?

Are you ready to start your journey? If so, I’m looking forward to guiding you every step of the way.

Exclusive Team Benefits

Our team is a group of self-motivated and hardworking men and women that empower others to care for themselves and their families in a more safe, effective, and affordable way. Our team is individually driven, but united in support of each other’s success.

We value integrity in all we do and believe our job is to share alternatives and educate on their benefits and uses. We are not salesmen. We are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, friends, coworkers, and so much more. We are constant learners, never pretending to be experts, but only fellow travelers on a journey toward a healthier life.

Want to enjoy these benefits? Join our team!

  • Flexible schedule
  • Work-from-home
  • Focus on relationships
  • Incredible culture
  • Love what you do
  • Travel if you want

Our team members have access to EXCLUSIVE benefits that help you duplicate our business model.

  • Direct access to me and my top leaders to help you build a strong foundation
  • Weekly mentor calls, personalized to your business goals
  • Essential oil training and education to help you feel confident in sharing
  • In-person and online continuing education
  • Access to our team’s proven success training system and website
  • Membership to private Facebook groups for business building and essential oil education with leaders in the highest ranks of the organization
  • Incentive programs to help motivate your leaders and grow your business
  • Access to team Facebook classes, webinars, and more that will help you build your business in less time

Are You Our Next Team Leader?

Do you desire to live a healthy, more natural lifestyle and help others do the same? Do you believe that our healthcare system is broken and want to be a part of the revolution that’s giving individuals back control of their health? Are you highly motivated, teachable, and ready to change your life and the lives of those around you?

Then we want you on our thriving team!

join our team - partnering - halfway holistic

You are..

  • Determined to live the life you truly desire
  • Motivated to hit the ground running
  • Prepared to overcome adversity
  • Ready to make mistakes and learn as you go
  • Committed to completing our business training program
  • Willing to be mentored weekly
  • Willing to invest at least $150 in an essential oil enrollment kit
  • Willing to order $125 worth of products monthly
  • Willing to use products daily and share your results
  • Willing to lead others on the journey

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to change lives, starting with your own?

Then I’d love to walk this journey with you.


I will email you within 2 business days to schedule a phone appointment if I think that you would be a great fit for our team.