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With a name like, Elevation Joyful Blend essential oil, I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have this in their home. We all have occasional moments in life that have us feeling down in the dumps or discouraged. Elevation Joyful Blend is a great tool to have to help pull you out of your slump.

Unlike a lot of uplifting oils such as Invigorating Blend that are heavy on citrus oils, Elevation Joyful Blend has more of a balanced floral/earthy tone with just a hint of citrus. It also has the coveted, Melissa essential oil that is fantastic for emotional health, but on the pricier side.


Practical uses for Elevation Joyful Blend essential oil:

  • Before an interview, diffuse to promote feelings of confidence and self-worth.
  • Use before public speaking to lessen feelings of stress.
  • Rub over your heart, temples, or wrists to elevate mood and promote vitality.
  • Diffuse before waking your children to create a positive and energizing mood.

Emotionally, Elevation Joyful Blend is the Oil of Relief.

The Elevation Joyful Blend consists of Lavandin, Lavender, Sandalwood , Tangerine, Melissa, Ylang Ylang and Elemi Essential Oils.

Shana Bresnahan
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