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Hello there! If you made it to this page, I can already tell we will be great friends. I absolutely LOVE learning about other people. Hearing their stories. Meeting their family. Diving in deeper. I’m glad you do too!

I like to imagine we are sitting at our favorite local coffee shop, lucky enough to have snagged the only two comfy chairs in the place, leisurely chatting about our lives. Unfortunately, you reading this is going to be very one-sided so once you’re done, I’d love for your to shoot me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself. Seriously. Do it. I want to get to know you!

This is my awesome family. And yes, that’s our Christmas picture that makes us look like a perfect little American family. But wait! There’s a teenager AND a baby. How’d that happen? Stay tuned…


the marriage

I’m Shana, the one in the purple and the instigator of Halfway Holistic. I met Casey, that hunk in the green, about 6 years ago when I had sworn off dating. You can see how well that turned out. We were married a year to the day after we started dating and shared our first kiss in the shadows of the spring willow trees. Ahh… pure bliss.


the children

We spent the next 4 years on a roller coaster journey of marriage ups and downs, lifestyle changes, and business building. Things were just starting to settle in when… you guessed it… we’re pregnant!

It was just two days later that we learned my then 13-year-old niece would be joining our family. So we went from zero to two in a matter of days. And let me tell you… raising a baby is very physically exhausting, but raising a teenager is emotionally exhausting. Doing both at the same time is possibly the definition of insanity.



It was when I became pregnant that I became painfully aware that everything I was putting in and on my body was impacting this little life in me. I also started learning more about early puberty in our teenagers and the terrifying increase in prescription drug side effects and death.

the journey

I didn’t grow up in a natural household by any means. I think at one point I lived off of cinnamon toast crunch, mac & cheese, and kid cuisines. However, as I began working for one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers during college, I was exposed to the reality of our healthcare system and the cycle of poor health we have created. I became increasingly focused on keeping myself out of the facility I was marketing. It was then that I decided to stop taking the prescription stomach medications I had been on since high school. I adjusted my diet and started using herbs to manage my digestive issues. It helped, but not nearly enough, but I refused to get back on the medicine. At the time, I didn’t think there was an alternative.


Over the next 6 years I journeyed toward a more holistic life, one step at a time. I discovered how much what we eat impacts our bodies, fell in love with essential oils for physical and emotional health, faced by fear of counseling, and did my best to remove toxins from my home. Casey, although reluctantly at first, has even become passionate about teaching people about safe alternatives, mainly because he’s a firm believer in being self sufficient. More on that in the future. Now we are getting the blessing of not only passing our more holistic lifestyle onto the next generation in our home, but we get to journey with you as well!

join us!

Leading a more holistic life doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s a process that’s unique to each individual.

I want to help busy moms just like me take practical steps towards a more holistic life so that they can cultivate their family’s wellbeing. (Pretty awesome job, huh? Wanna join us? More on that here.)

I’d love for you to join the journey with us by subscribing to our blog updates. You’ll learn even more about the steps we have taken over the years to make our homes a little safer and family a little healthier. We’ll be honest and transparent about what worked and what didn’t. We will even share where we still have room to grow (my family may or may not have eaten takeout pizza tonight haha).

So dive on in and don’t forget to email me to tell me a little about yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!