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Evidently I snore, well, so I’m told. In fact, one night my wife woke me up because my snoring prevented her from falling asleep. After she woke me up she rubbed some of Breathe Respiratory Blend essential oil under my nose. I’ve never been bothered by my own snoring, but Shana reminds me to apply it under my nose before I go to sleep because I snore less when I use it. Why would it help? The oils within this blend help open and soothe the respiratory system.

Breathe Respiratory Blend boasts powerful scents of peppermint and eucalyptus, smelling a lot like vapor rub. It has similar uses and benefits, but Breathe Respiratory Blend essential oil is safer and more potent.

One tiny drop is enough to help open your airways.


Practical uses for Breathe Respiratory Blend essential oil:

  • Open and soothe the respiratory system
  • Apply on chest to support deep, clear, healthy respiration
  • Apply under nose to aid in a restful nights sleep
  • Tame an anxious spirit by applying under your nose to promote deep breathing

Emotionally, Breathe Respiratory Blend essential oil is considered The Oil of Breath. It encourages people to release sadness and grief.

Breathe Respiratory Blend contains laurel, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara, and cardamom.

Breathe Respiratory Blend is one of my favorite blends since it helps Shana sleep better and helps me relax when I feel like I have an elephant on my chest.  We keep extra bottles on hand at all times. If someone in our family gets the sniffles, my first response will be Breathe Respiratory Blend essential oil and Protective Blend. If you have ever experienced respiratory discomfort, even if it’s seasonal, you’ll want a bottle of Breathe Respiratory Blend in your home.

What’s your favorite use for Breathe Respiratory Blend essential oil?


Essential Oil Quality: The essential oil industry is not a regulated industry which means it’s difficult to know which brands you can trust to be truly 100% certified pure therapeutic grade and safe for your whole family. I did my research to find a brand I can trust. If you want to learn about the brand I personally use or order essential oils for your home, please email

Disclaimer: Essential oils are powerful and should be used with proper care and guidance. Reach out to me for recommended resources on essential oil usage. Always remember I’m not a doctor or medical professional. The content on this site is meant for education and entertainment and should not be taken as medical advice. As always, please take responsibility for you health by doing research and possibly consulting a medical professional.

Casey Bresnahan
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