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Our bathroom trash can is often found in front of our toilet. It is quite an obstacle when you are walking into the bathroom in the dark.

“Doh!  That was my toe.  Ouch!”

Awesome. Now everyone is awake.

You’re probably wondering why we don’t put it to the side like normal people. Well, a couple years back we learned that propping up your feet allows your digestive tract to relax. The result is a smooth and quick visit to the restroom and better elimination.


If you’re someone that likes to use that time for reading or escaping screaming children, this may not work in your favor, but it will improve the health of your digestive system.  

Last week we had quite a laugh after we saw the new Squatty Potty video on Facebook. It is informative, disgusting, and hilarious all at the same time.


We’ve known about squatty potty for a while, but have saved money by using the trash can. After this video, I decided I’m putting a squatty potty on my Christmas list this year to save my toes from any further damage.

As one satisfied customer put it, the squatty potty “makes going number 2, …number 1.”

Whether you buy a squatty potty or not, make sure to elevate your feet during your next bathroom break!

Casey Bresnahan
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