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After a long day in front of the computer I need PastTense Tension Blend essential oil. My neck and shoulders are usually tight. Sometimes behind my eyes is throbbing since if I’ve had my eyes on the screen most of the day. Although occasionally the tension is intense, I don’t usually notice how stressed and tight my body is until I hit the bed at the end of the day.

No matter when or where tension hits my body, this convenient rollerball of the PastTense Tension Blend essential oil always comes to the rescue. I roll it across my temple and foreheads and even on my neck for almost immediate relief from the discomfort.

If you carry tension in your neck, shoulders, or head, you will definitely want to have the PastTense Tension Blend essential oil on hand!


Practical uses for the PastTense Tension Blend essential oil:

  • Eases feelings of tension.
  • Helps reduce stress and anxious feelings.
  • Helps provide grounding and balanced emotions.
  • Add to temples and back of neck before taking a test.
  • Apply to bottom of feet before an important meeting to help ease stressful feelings.
  • Apply to wrists while traveling to help calm emotions.
  • Massage into shoulders, neck, and back for a cooling, soothing sensation.
  • Calms emotions.
  • Packaged for convenient application in a roll-on bottle.

Emotionally, the PastTense Tension Blend is the Oil of Relief.  It assists individuals in releasing the stress and emotional tension that may have contributed to or caused their headache.

The PastTense Tension Blend consists of Wintergreen, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Cilantro, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram, Basil and Rosemary essential oils.

— IMPORTANT NOTES — Essential Oil Quality: The essential oil industry is not a regulated industry which means it’s difficult to know which brands you can trust to be truly 100% pure therapeutic grade and safe for your whole family. I did my research to find a brand I can trust. If you want to learn about the brand I personally use or order essential oils for your home, please email I’d love to support you in your oil journey. 

Disclaimer: Essential oils are powerful and should be used with proper care and guidance. Reach out to me for recommended resources on essential oil usage. Always remember I’m not a doctor or medical professional. The content on this site is meant for education and entertainment and should not be taken as medical advice. As always, please take responsibility for your health by doing research and possibly consulting a medical professional.

Casey Bresnahan
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