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I have Thyme growing in the herb garden in my backyard. Well, it’s the one that is struggling a bit, but it’s still there. Although Thyme is commonly used as a seasoning, it has been used throughout history for everything from warding off nightmares and promoting courage to bath time for ancient Greeks.

Today Thyme essential oil is used for promoting healthy skin and immune function. Keep in mind that Thyme should always be used with a carrier oil to dilute it on your skin.


Practical uses for Thyme essential oil:

  • Add Thyme to your favorite daytime diffuser blend to promote a sense of alertness.
  • Add to your winter routine to support a healthy immune system.*
  • Provides cleansing and purifying effects for the skin.
  • Use one to two drops in place of dried Thyme in your favorite recipes.
  • Thyme has a stimulating aroma.
  • Naturally repels insects

Emotionally, Thyme essential oil is The Oil of Releasing & Forgiving. It is one of the most powerful cleansers of the emotional body and assists in addressing trapped feelings which have been buried for a long time. It reaches deep within the body and soul, searching for unresolved negativity.

Thyme is also found in the Zendocrine detoxification blend and the Past Tense tension blend.

Shana Bresnahan
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