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warm-up-exercise-increase-agility-flexibilityIn 2010 Shana and I got married. I stopped the majority of my physical activity as we merged two schedules into one. I also began to notice my agility, flexibility and strength began to decrease. I’ve always enjoyed being active so you can imagine my disappointment when I recognized how my body was losing its ability.

Now that Silas is two he’s been running circles around me and wanting to play. This requires a decent amount of flexibility because often times I’m sitting on the floor or crouching. I realized the need to get back into physical activity.

Over the last 5 or 6 months I’ve been working out with my friend, fitness guru, and chiropractor, Dr. Miro Bandalo. He quickly realized that my lack of flexibility is having a big impact on my overall physical health and strength. Although the workout is beneficial, I’ve found immense benefit from the warm-up. Yes, the stuff that happens before we even start working out.

Doing this warm-up daily has greatly increased my mobility and flexibility, which has had a big impact on my ability to enjoy playtime with Silas. I encourage you to add this warm-up to your routine at least 2-3 times per week.

 Here’s the video:

Don’t expect to be able to fully complete some of the exercises because of the lack of mobility; it will improve with time. If you do experience pain or discomfort, consult your chiropractor or other health care provider.

Casey Bresnahan
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